AppCheck Anti-ransomware, a free software to protect ourselves against this threat

We surely have heard a lot about ransomware. When it infects our PC, this computer threat automatically encrypts our hard drives’ entire data and asks us to pay a ransom in exchange for the private key to recover our data. In many cases, said key is not even sent. Since the usual antivirus software are not able to detect and mitigate this threat, there are solutions, like AppCheck Anti-Ransomware, specially designed to face it.

AppCheck Anti-Ransomware is a free software (for personal usage) designed to detect and block any ransomware threat that could put our PCs at risk. This program has a detection engine that constantly checks our system to detect any possible ransomware before our system gets infected and our data gets encrypted. Additionally, in case our data has been encrypted, AppCheck is able to recover the damaged files without problems.

Some of the features that this anti-ransomware offers are:

  • Proactive protection capable of detecting any ransomware threat and rolling back changes using the CARB Engine, therefore preventing our PC from being disabled by the threat until we pay, for example.
  • RansomShelter is a feature that allows us to make backup files from time to time. Additionally, it is responsible for protecting these backup files to avoid losing them in case of a threat.
  • Self Protection against ransomware, preventing it from blocking or deactivating this security software or from encrypting its data to make it stop working.
  • MBR/GPT Protection prevents malware from encrypting or overwriting the MBR and GPT to damage our system.

As we can see, this software is very easy to use. We just have to install it on our PC and it will automatically start protecting us against ransomware. Moreover, we can easily activate its security shields with the buttons found on the main window.

How to download AppChech Anti-Ransomware

As we have already said, this security tool is completely free for home users, so we can download it for free from its website.

Besides the free version for home users, AppCheck has a much more complete premium version designed especially for companies and more advanced users. This version has features such as network drive protection, SMB unit protection, automatic data recovery, the possibility to choose the types of files that we want to protect, and so much more.

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