AV-Test shows us the best antiviruses for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

antivirusesWith the huge amount of threats lingering on the Internet, it is impossible nowadays to connect, browse and download files without an antivirus capable of protecting us both from human error (like clicking on links before reading them) and from the attacks that may reach us without us knowing it, like exploits that benefit from a vulnerability. Nowadays there is a great variety of antiviruses on the market, so it can be hard to choose which one will be the best antivirus for 2018.

From Windows Defender, the default antivirus included on Windows 10, to some well-known ones such as Kaspersky, McAfee, Bitdefender and Avast and up to some antiviruses we probably never heard of (and still they get the maximum grade on security tests), the variety of antiviruses we can find nowadays is huge. Because of this, we probably have had doubts many times about which one is the best antivirus and which of them should we choose to protect us from threats.

AV-Test is a German independent platform that analyzes the main antiviruses on the market and allows us to easily understand which of them got the best grade and so, which of them protect us better and which of them do it worse. This platform usually publishes their results periodically for the different operative systems and now it is time for Windows 10, specifically, for Fall Creators Update, the latest version of the operative system.

VIPRE, Kaspersky and McAfee, the best ones to protect our computer with maximum performance

AV-Test usually analyzes 3 key factors of the antiviruses on the market: protection against threats (even malware from day zero), performance of the computer with the antivirus installed and usability, meaning if it is easy to use and if it doesn’t confuse the user with false positives.

antivirusesAs we can see, leaving out 7 antivirus among which we are surprised to find ESET and Avira, the rest of the analyzed ones got 6 points, the maximum grade in terms of protection. This is because, with the security measures from the own operative systems and the upgrades in the heuristics system and Artificial Intelligence, most of them know how to properly protect the users.

Things change in terms of performance of the device and only few, including Kaspersky, McAfee and Bitdefender, were able to get the 6 points. Windows Defender, for example, has gotten a lot better in performance in comparison to the previous versions but it still slows down the computer, mostly when installing apps and games.

Finally, in the usability section, that reflects how easy to use are they and if they are trustworthy in terms of their number of false positives, VIPRE, Kaspersky, McAfee and Avast are the only ones who really got a good grade.

So, which antivirus should I install on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update?

As a personal opinion, since the arrival of the first version of Windows 10 I have been using Windows Defender and I have had no problem neither with malware nor false positives. I have seen how this antivirus has evolved with each of Windows’ updates and I am sure that with Redstone 4, the new update from Windows that will launch next year, it will get better in terms of performance and trustworthiness.

But still, if you don’t trust Windows Defender then, the ideal thing would be to choose one of the 3 antiviruses that got the higher grades: VIPRE, Kaspersky or McAfee. Any of these will give us an excellent protection, but if we are extremely paranoid, then we should forget about Kaspersky, because of the document filtration to the Russian Government and VIPRE, for being a lesser known security company. So, then we should entrust our security to McAfee, although after what happened with Intel, Meltdown and Spectre, the truth is we should also doubt this one.

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